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Todd Waugh – Page 3 – Pine Grove Mennonite Church

Posts by Todd Waugh (Page 3)

Prayer and the Word

As I’ve been reading through the Psalms I’ve noticed that a common theme is the Word of God. I’ve also noticed another common reoccurrence, prayer. Is there a connection between prayer and the Word of God? I think most of us would answer quickly that there definitely is a connection between the Word of God […]


Walking In the Spirit – Prophesy

Prophecy is always an interesting topic for discussion. There are Christians who don’t believe there is such a thing anymore. There are those who believe it’s no more than someone trying to predict the future. Some believe that everyone is prophetic because we all have the Holy Spirit. The very term prophetic carries with it […]

Waking In the Spirit – Faith

In our studies in Sunday school on the gifts of the Spirit there doesn’t seem to be much distinction made on different applications of gifts and scriptures. It’s not always one size fits all. So consequently if we’re not careful we can be found trying to apply verses in a way not intended or making […]

What does it mean to walk in the Spirit?

In Galatians 5:16-26 we read phrases like “walk by the Spirit”, “led in the Spirit”, “live by the Spirit”, and “keep in step with the Spirit”. As a young Christian this used to scare and frustrate me. It didn’t help that some used those scriptures as a test to see who was the most spiritual. […]

A Disciple’s Identity

What I will attempt to do in this letter is give a brief review of the first four weeks of our series, “A Disciple’s Identity”. We are going to take a one week break from the series because I would like to allow time for people to pray and think about what we have discussed […]

Disciple Making and Fellowship

PINE GROVE MENNONITE CHURCH – Treasuring and Following Christ Together When you hear someone talk about making disciples what comes to mind?  Does your mind go immediately to you sitting with someone one-on-one in a coffee shop with your bibles open? Is your first thought a thought of fear or incompetence?  Are you instantly thinking […]